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| HARRY HADDEN-PIGEON I AM CRYING | seriously though | such a matador pigeon | harry hadden-paton | john heffernan | my future husband ladies and gentleman | look at that pout |

Photo pinched from Harry’s Twitter.


Photo pinched from Harry’s Twitter.

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| john heffernan | ahh my fantasy husband | and by fantasy i mean future | seriously though | i would marry him tomorrow | LOOK AT HIS FACE | and he's the loveliest man | remember that time gunnar was a troll? | and said 'you two seem to be getting along very well!' | oh gunnar | my favourite troll | idk where this is going | i'm a it drunk | and i just want to marry john all right IS THAT SO WRONG |
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| damien molony | hal my dream fictional boyfriend | THAT'S MY FAVOURITE THING TOO | seriously though | the way he plays both is perfect | especially when one layer is fighting with the other | also: sexy repression | it's a thing | ahah this is actually going to show up in the tracked tags i should be more sensible |

What is your favourite part about the character of Hal? 

My favourite part is playing the 2 sides of his character through the series. The nervous shivering wreck of a legend, having to fend off temptation and stay straight. Then the opposite of that like in ep 7, e3 and I could just let lose with feeding and blood and the full on vampness. The constant fighting is awesome.

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| jamie parker | apparently we are all partly his great great grandad | THAT'S PRACTICALLY MARRIAGE RIGHT | seriously though | all the feelings from this video | he's saying magical beautiful things | cherry! |

Jamie Parker saying amazing stuff about science and history and humanity. And also using the phrase “we are one”. WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?

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| sam swainsbury | you are giving me all the feelings tonight | HURRY UP WINTER'S TALE | I NEED A PROPELLER BEAR IN MY LIFE | seriously though | he is such a beautiful man | the whole company is fucking magical | but he remains my favourite | because his summing up of the plot of the comedy of errors was the most frenetically magnificent thing i'd ever seen | ugh i love propeller | the only company where the interval alone is worth the ticket price |

Sam Swainsbury

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| kit looks genuinely disturbed | peter dinklage | judging you | judging you hard | EVEN RICHARD MADDEN KNOWS IT WAS OFFENSIVE AND HE'S IN SIRENS FOR CHRIST'S SAKE | seriously though | bloody hell | game of thrones | best cast | apart from the ones that are THE WORST |

Game of Thrones panel reaction to Jason Momoa’s comment

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| so i found this paragraph an intense mixture of empowering and arousing | goddamn i love this book already | seriously though | we really DO look hot in underwear | i've never seen a woman who wasn't at her hottest in nice underwear | also TULLE | i have such a thing for tulle | caitlin moran | underwear | seriously this is changing my life with every page |

So let us hymn a while on lingerie — recite the psalms of the smaller, higher drawer in the chest. Stockings — black, seamed or sheer — allowing you to fuck instantly, spontaneously, standing, possibly even as you’re still saying ‘So do you need me to sign for this parcel?’

French knickers in peach satin, with ruffles all up the back. Cami-knickers in outrageous colours, flashing under basques: kingfisher blue; rose-red; gold, like the wedding ring on the floor. The frothing, cloudy egg-white joy of tulle. The way silk slip-slides over you, like a sheet of oil. Watching the blood rush through the semi-visibility of lace. The black line from calf to thigh. The hook-and-eye, with flesh swelling beneath. Torn buttons. The hem.

I have an August-blue petticoat with tiny pink roses, and black suspender straps, that makes me happier than nearly anything else I own. Not only does it embody the kind of purring, spanky, joyous 1950s soft-porn postcards I have based most of my wardrobe/sexuality on, but I also look dead thin in it too. I have often noticed this, with underwear: the right stuff will be the most flattering outfit you can wear.

Oh, if only the world knew how amazing we look, under all these clothes.

— Caitlin Moran — How Not To Be A Woman
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| the greatest video to ever exist | gunnar cauthery | kyle soller | not tagging anyone else because I HAVE LEARNT MY LESSON ABOUT GOOGLE ALERTS DAMMIT | seriously though | i love that his response to my hysterical tagging of pictures of his face and sonnets and whatnot was to send me more things | and predict they would make me explode | he knows me so well | worrying | fucking sonnets | that's just cheating | ANYWAY | this video though | there is kyle soller with his ridiculous hair | and gunnar | gunnar with sunburn! | gunnar with a hat! | gunnar being remarkably good at boyband dancing! | gunnar wearing the best-fitting jeans i have ever seen! | (seriously those jeans) | (they do things to me) | i just cannot tell you how wonderful this video is | sorry to anyone else who appears in this video and wishes i hadn't shared it | BLAME CAUTHERY | THIS IS ALL HIS FAULT | i leave you with one thought: | how can something be so delightfully ridiculous and really really hot all at the same time? | HAIR-TOUCHING YOU GUYS | JUST SAYING | okay going to stop tagging this now |

So last night Gunnar Cauthery was all “Hey, it’s been brought to my attention that you like The Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way!” and I was all “HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?” and he was all “…I may have read your Tumblr.”

My Tumblr. In which, amongst other things, I have tagged pictures of him with #LOOK AT THAT SEXY ADORING-EYED GINGER and audio files with #he’s all casual-like ho ho i’m just reading this with my incredibly deep growly voice and then ALL OF A SUDDEN BAM #THOSE LAST TWO LINES #and then you’re on the floor #THANKS FOR THAT CAUTHERY

My.  Sodding.  Tumblr.

ANYWAY, after I’d recovered from that (“Oh God I’m cringing.” “Stop cringing!” etc etc) he sent me the attached video.  Which is a video made for Jo Herbert’s birthday, in which a selection of her friends dance and mime to I Want It That Way.  And it is pretty much the greatest thing I have ever, ever seen.

And so here it is for your enjoyment.  If you like Gunnar, Kyle Soller or JOY, you must watch it.

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| ridiculous human being | gunnar cauthery | hit on by a rabbi! | things that are excellent anecdotes | people that are marvellous | seriously though | to be pervy just for one moment | is that not the greatest voice youve ever heard? | it is a really excellent voice | ngh |

In which Gunnar Cauthery accepts my challenge to get the words “ninja” and “Rabbi” (long story) into a radio interview.

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| oh my god | seriously though | danseurs/ballerinos are the most attractive thing | sebastian kloberg | dance |
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Sebastian Kloborg

Well, I’ve just found my new favourite Tumblr.

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| the borgais | excuse my monkey | seriously though | whip me harder? | kind of hot ngl |
Because I know you have all of the right opinions about the things that I love, FLAIL ABOUT THE BORGIAS AND PUT MY UNARTICULATED FEELINGS INTO WORDS THAT I CAN YELL 'I AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS' AT.


I just asked Sophie if it was wrong to ship Cesare and his subby!assassin who kept asking him to whip him harder.  MY FEELINGS ON THIS SHOW CANNOT BE TRUSTED, IS WHAT I’M SAYING, but mostly they boil down to the fact that François Arnaud has chemistry with everything and anything, including and especially his sister. Also Juan needs Jakk to bedazzle his turban and/or bear so that his general all-round fabulousness will be visible for all to see.  And Holliday Grainger’s face remains my favourite face.  And also #excusemymonkey.  THAT IS ALL.

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| omfg have you ever sen anything so delicious jesus CHRIST | A CAPE HE HAS A CAPE | AND HIS HAAAAIR | oh bertram | my fourth favourite shakespearean dickbag | sam crane | seriously though | LOOK AT HIS HIPS AND THAT SHIRT | AND ALSO HIS HANDS | I CANNOT BEAR IT | ellie piercy | all's well that ends well | the globe |
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Ellie Piercy (Helena) and Sam Crane (Bertram) in All’s Well That Ends Well rehearsals, Shakespeare’s Globe.